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Sports Facilities


Rules and Regulations for Booking Cricket, Badminton and Tennis Court Facilities:

Cricket, Badminton and Tennis Court Facilities

  1. Outside Bodies can book any of the above sports facilities of the Club by phone/email at the allocated time slots for OBs and NSAs.
  2. Confirmed telephone bookings must be followed by a physical submission of the booking slip the following day. The booking slip must be submitted to India Club counter along with the requisite fee including guest fees. Booking institutions must insist on a receipt for the payment made.
  3. Normal bookings must be made 7 days in advance and priority bookings must be made 21 days in advance.
  4. Cancellations must be made 3 days prior to the booking date for normal bookings and 7 days prior for priority bookings.
  5. Refunds for cancellations will only be made if completed as per Rule 4 or due to inclement weather conditions for outdoor facilities.
  6. Representatives of OBs and NSAs must present their receipts at the Club counter prior to commencement of play in any of the disciplines, following which, access to the court will be permitted by our staff.
  7. Representatives/Participants must leave the court after completion of the booked session.
  8. No food and drinks are allowed at any of the courts.
  9. No smoking is allowed inside any of the courts.
  10. OBs and NSAs will be responsible for damage to any of the courts caused by the participants.
  11. Only non-marking tennis shoes will be allowed inside the courts.
  12. The participants must observe standard discipline on the courts and any unruly behaviour will not be tolerated.
  13. Representatives of the OBs and NSAs must accompany children participating, if any.
  14. Shower and changing room facilities at the Club can be availed by the participants free of charge.
  15. A copy of the insurance policy covering risks to participants must be provided to the Club as the Club will not be responsible for any injuries or damage to participants during play or otherwise.
  16. Participants must take care of their own belongings as the Club will not take responsibility for the loss of participant’s property.
  17. Mask must be worn at all times. 
  18. Please kindly contact your own coach for your training schedules 
  19. All must comply with the rules and regulations implied by the Centre for Health Protection, Department of Health, HKSAR latest guidelines.